How To: Secret Functions Samsung Flow Application On iOS And Android Phones You Didn’t Know Yet (With Screenshots).

Google’s calendar app is a weaker addition to the browser version. Apple’s browser calendar is a weaker version of the app. Even if you did decide to sacrifice your contacts’ privacy, it still wouldn’t entirely help you because you’ll only be able to share your calendars with other members. If someone doesn’t have a Samsung device, they can’t share your calendar.

Picking Tuesday as the first day of the week might not be a popular option, but Samsung sold nearly 300 million phones in 2018. Some of those 300 visit this site million new Samsung phone owners likely work an unusual schedule. It wouldn’t have taken much to allow people to choose how they manage their calendar, but Samsung made the minimal option available. Strangely, Samsung doesn’t consider the colors you choose for your calendars part of the app’s “look and feel.” That comes in a separate section. Select that option, and you can start playing around with the color settings of each of the schedules that you’ve imported from your other calendars.

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The bottom parts of the main screen show all the extra stuff—tapping the “Manage Items” button brings up everything you can add. Pick and choose what works for you, and that info will show up on the main screen. Explore your new hub for all things Samsung and beyond. Connect with Samsung experts, super-fans, and other Community members for tips on features and how to get the most out of your Samsung product. In some cases when receiving a call, the answer option is missing from the display. This is because some Android phones do not have a notification action for answering a call.

  • You can check how much fuel left, unlock/lock doors, find out the route and see where is your vehicle.
  • Needless to say, we are not responsible for what you do on your device.
  • There are compatibility issues with all Polar devices and iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models.
  • It also offers an automated transcription service that will turn speech into text.
  • The tool, however, is a bit challenging to master.
  • I enabled PIN authentication in Windows as well and nothing.

It also allows for easy notification syncing and quick mobile hotspot setup. With the Tab Pro S, you just download the app on your phone and pair the two devices over NFC and you’re ready to go. When one thinks of sharing files or syncing notifications from Android phone with PC, apps like Pushbullet and SHAREit come into our mind. But in the past few years, Microsoft and Samsung have also entered this zone. Samsung offers a dedicated app known as Samsung Flow to connect PC and Android mobile. Here we will tell you 16 tips to use Samsung Flow on Windows 10.

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It synchronizes phone call and text message notifications. It links paired desktop and tablet devices to mobile hot spots automatically. And Samsung says additional features are on the way. Eventually, Flow will be able to synchronize applications and mirror apps.

Do persistent messages from a friend or a brand annoy you? Instead of putting your phone on silent, you can mute such messages. Not everyone is particular about dates and time when it comes to sending wishes or an important text. Unlike Android Messages, Samsung Messages has a native feature to schedule texts. Here are six settings and a few tips for the Samsung Messages app to improve your texting experience. You may need you to hold the phone against the payment terminal in the same way as when you made the payment to process the return.

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