Use It: Best Secrets Clue Period Tracker For Tablets That Nobody Knows (Updated).

You can toggle off the intercourse log, ovulation and fertility info, and pill tracking. Import, export, or delete your health data at any time. Clue keeps your private health information safe and secure. Never lose access to your tracking history, by creating a Clue account or saving backups to your email or online storage.

As CR found, some period trackers clearly explain how to do this, but more often the details are buried in the privacy policy. You can also use your smartphone settings to limit permissions to your location data or your contacts. Change your location setting to “while using” or “ask” for iPhone apps, and to “on” or “off” for Android apps. It’s no fun to read privacy policies but that’s the only place a user can get details on what companies do with your information.

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As period tracker apps grow in popularity and utility, so does concern about what happens with the personal information users input. The app also offers research-based blurbs about everything from the importance of measuring blood volume to an explanation behind the tracking category named “party” , detailing how this could impact your cycle. “It’s not enough to track data and mirror it back in a graph,” Tin says. “We were tempted to communicate all the latest research, and then people were like, ‘What’s a period? What I like most about this period tracker are the quizzes, something they refer to as cyclescopes and the many fascinating women’s related topics shared on the platform every day.

  • MyFlo refer to this web page is a period-tracking app designed by Alisa Vitti, a renowned nutritionist and reproductive health and hormone expert.
  • While the app is easy to use, annoying advertisement is a problem, which can be removed by purchasing tickets.
  • This app would be appropriate for an older teen, but our concern is always when there’s a “community” option and the chat that comes with it.
  • She launched the app, called Clue, in 2013, basing it in Berlin.

Clue is a mainly a period tracker, but helps you keep an eye on your cycle and your ovulation days. You can log cravings, mood swings, and cramps, all of which helps you keep in control when trying to conceive. This one tracks both your menstrual cycle and ovulation, showing you your most fertile days and creating handy charts and graphs. You can keep a record of your fertility symptoms too, such as your BTT and cervical fluid. This app is on my best period tracker app list for 2019 is due to the presence of engaging articles on periods, sexual health, and related topics, which makes the app a fun app.

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Clue helps women keep track of their menstrual cycle by allowing them to input information about when they have their period, how they’re feeling when they have it, their sexual activity, flow, and other notes. The idea is that with this detailed log, Clue can offer women a more thorough look at their fertility and how their period affects day-to-day life. Today, the company is building new functionality into its app that’s meant to help women understand how their birth control pill impacts their cycle. Personally, I’ve opted out of using dedicated period tracking apps because of the terrible reviews.

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